In July 2018, the USDA National AgriculturalStatistics (NASS) published an objective assessment of the new almond crop as 1,111 thousand tonswhich is 7.9% more than last year’s crop. At the same time, according to the forecast, the production of the California Nonpareil will be at 413 thousand tons (0.8% lower than last year). Nonpareil’s share in total almond production in California reaches 37%.

The average number of nuts on trees is 5677, which is 0.5% lower than last year’s result, while the average number of nuts in the Nonpareil variety is only 4924, which is 13.9% lower than the same in 2017. The average weight of nuts in all varieties is 1.54 grams, which is 1.9% less than last season, while the average weight of the nuts Nonpareil will remain the same as last year – 1.7 grams.

Pest issues (spiders mites) on almond trees this season are not reported. The level of other diseases in trees is insignificant.