Almond plantation with nursery-garden is in the Greater Caucasus region 570 meters above the sea level in a valley surrounded by low mountains on brown Mediterranean soils with a basaltic underlying layer in a dry temperate climate with temperatures from +5 in winter to +30 in summer.

Two-year-old seedlings of Guara sweet almond on a dwarf rootstock of European breeding were used for establishing the plantation. The seedlings were mechanically planted 5 x 3 with an average 800 m row, 667 seedlings per hectare, on the underground drip irrigation with automatic water control purification, mixing and input of fertilizers and PPP, with water consumption up to 3500 m3 / ha per season.

More than 90% of the work on the plantation is mechanized. The harvesting in the first three years is done manually, in the following years it is done by harvesters.

The plantation gives the salable almonds beginning from the first year following the planting year (if it is spring planting) and starting from the second year following the planting year (if it is autumn planting), gradually reaching the projected yield of at least 10,000 kg / ha of inshell almonds on the fourth year following the planting year.

There is also a plant for almonds shelling and calibration together with processing wood residues into fuel briquettes.is located on the farm.

While having establishing the almond plantation for 3 years, € 30,000 per hectare (with a significant share of reinvestment of the project’s own revenues) have been invested and will be returned to the investor no later than the third year following the planting year.