A large strawberry plantation with a nursery-garden is located in the steppe area of the Russian Plain on chernozem soils with underlying marl layer, with a continental climate, with absence of natural precipitation from May to September and with temperatures from -25 in winter to +40 in summer.

Eight varieties of strawberries with ultra-early, early and late maturation periods, as well as fall-bearing varieties of European selection were used for establishing the plantation. Strawberries were mechanically planted under the film in three rows of 50,000 saplings per hectare on drip irrigation with automatic water control purification, mixing and input of fertilizers and PPP, with water consumption of up to 5000 m3 / ha per season.

More than 90% of plantation work is mechanized. The strawberries are manually harvested into plastic or birch bark boxes which then are placed into standard plastic boxes to be delivered to consumers daily from May till October inclusive.

Farm yield is not less than 20,000 kg / ha.in the year following the planting year (if it the autumn planting) and also in the planting year (if using frigo seedlings).

While establishing the plantation for 2 years, €50,000 per hectare (with a significant share of reinvestment of the project’s own revenues) have been invested and will be returned to the investor no later than the second year following the planting year.