A berry-fruit plantation with nursery garden is located in the central forest-steppe area of the Russian Plain on chernozem soils with a clay underlayer, in a temperate continental climate with temperatures from -25 in winter to +25 in summer.

The plantation consists of five typical production parts each of which includes planted trees of three shrubbery and cherry species on a dwarfish rootstock (in the last two parts only cherries) with ultra-early, early and late maturity and fall-bearing varieties of shrubbery.

European seedlings which were mechanically planted on the underground drip irrigation with automatic water control purification, mixing and input of fertilizers and PPP with a water consumption of up to 3000 m3 / ha per season were used to establish a plantation.

More than 90% of the plantation work is mechanized. The crop is manually harvested into plastic or birch bark boxes which then are placed into standard plastic boxes to be delivered to consumers daily from July till September inclusive.

Another integral part of the plantation is the NFC (not-from-concentrate) juice production and processing of wood residues into fuel briquettes.