You have an agricultural land plot and are looking for the best way to use it?

You have an agricultural enterprise “with problems” and you want to turn it into a prosperous business?

You have a successful agricultural company but you think that it is still possible to improve business efficiency?

How can you do that? 

To answer this and other questions that you have for your business, we offer a unique set of project products which have different degree of integration which depends on the goals you set and resources you allocate.  After you fill out and send us the short registration form, we will send you a list of questions answers to which together with the objective information obtained by us independently from the national and international database will allow us within the framework of the goals you set to formulate the project idea.

This part of our work doesn’t require any remuneration.

If you agree with the idea we present to you, we proceed to writing a project business plan. For that, we will make the necessary water and soil analysis for irrigation and other technical needs, make the necessary geodetic and geological surveys on  the site to design the buildings  and distribution lines, obtain from you the engineering specification of the electricity, water and gas suppliers, as well as the information on the economic conditions of doing business in your country and in the region where the project is  (including the information on the administrative regulatory restrictions) and other information. The business plan will contain the markets analysis, economic calculations (including monthly plan of cash flow, annual profit plans), production layout with  a list of the needed resources and its best suppliers, suggestions how to organize activity planning, accounting  and monitoring activities and many other issues that altogether show the complete picture of the project and its minimally guaranteed result. We will be ready to defend the business plan before any panel of experts.

After you approve the business plan we will proceed to its implementation which can be done  in the following ways:

(A)We consult you on the project but you perform all of the work yourself. In this case, we bear responsibility for the quality of the answers to your questions however we do not bear the responsibility for the final result that you will achieve yourself.

(B)We provide agronomists and engineers who work directly on the project site, independently follow the project implementation process, develop the necessary solutions and monitor the performance.  You provide your own manager and all the rest needed manpower, material resources and services of the outside organizations for the project, independently maintain records, file the financial statements, as well as sell finished product yourself ( it is possible with our help). We bear responsibility for the result together, each in his competence.


(C)You transfer the corporate rights (shares) of the company that implements the project to us to manage for a limit period of time and finance the project according to the business plan schedule. We independently   organize all of the project implementation  work including personnel and resources, production organization, keep records and file the financial statements, as well sell the finished product. In this case, we bear the responsibility for the project result ourselves.

Our relationships will be written out in a contract that we will conclude before the beginning of the aforementioned works.